President – Francine McDonald

President – Francine McDonald

Hi, my name is Francine, Mum, to a few and Glamma to a couple and growing. But Fran to most.

I am a passionate and energetic happy person with an ambition to be the best I can be, which is a continual journey.

In my current role as Operations Manager for South West Coach Lines, I have lifted and improved the culture and level of customer service, equipment and other assets.

I have also maintained a high level of commitment and communication in regards to relationships with current stakeholders, as well as being able to develop new clients.

I am a detail-oriented person, who is a responsible communicator with an emphasises emotional intelligence and I can think collaboratively, independently as well as outside of the box.

I use good judgment and thrive on understanding customer demands with planning how to meet those deadlines which generates into sales for the company as a result.

I have Owned and Managed and Overseen, a portfolio of small businesses and have dealt with all aspects of campaigning ensuring sales targets are achieved. I bring a positive attitude and possess a friendly personality with an intuitive understanding of people, which makes me a great team player. 

I look forward to encouraging all people that I meet to be the best they can be.