Glen Alexander

Executive Member – Glen Alexander

Glen has lived and worked in the southwest since 2006 and still revels in the excitement of being ‘down south’, as well as working as an Environmental Scientist.  As a Geologist he is easily distracted and can happily spend his day ruminating over rock types, soil colour or discussing groundwater flow direction, however, as co-owner of a Dunsborough based Environmental Consulting company, Glen more often has to focus on meeting client needs and providing cost efficient services.

Glen completed his MBA in 2002 and has worked across several industries for small, medium and multi-national companies.  These experiences have provided him a good understanding of the challenges that small regional firms face, and also the advantages of local knowledge and a big horizon view.  Glen is keen to ensure that local governments and State and Federal agencies live up to their local procurement policies and hopes to proactively contribute to the local social, business and economic well-being, through involvement with the DYCCI.