Sponsorship, is it right for your business?

DYCCI Platinum Sponsorship

There are many business benefits of sponsorship, but here are the most common:

  1. Attracting new customers to your brand, product or service
  2. Distinguishing your business from your competitors
  3. Improving company or product awareness and visibility
  4. Showing community responsibility or corporate social responsibility
  5. Getting more involved with a community
  6. Building the company’s credibility and educating the public about its products and services
  7. Persuading the public to sample new products or to demonstrate a new product or service
  8. Targeting a particular demographic
  9. Recruiting, retaining, or motivating employees
  10. Nurturing talent and teaching new skills to employees

If you are a business, you will want to consider your Return on Investment (ROI) unfortunately awareness is something that cannot be measured, however visibility at high-profile events or with organisations can be invaluable through advertising and promotions to your target demographic and this can be priceless. 

Running appealing promotions, giveaways during high traffic times during the events will increase the financial benefits (ROI) of your sponsorship and encouraging people to like, following, try and buy. Mutual Promotions can also bring a bevvy of new customers your way as you share your client/customer base.

Depending on the sponsorship level, visibility can also include:

  • Signage/banner opportunities (stage, railing, towers, entrance,)
  • Corporate logo on the main stage
  • Brochure/products in gift bags
  • Promotional tent opportunities
  • Corporate logo on event advertisements, brochures, posters
  • Mentions in radio advertising
  • Priority seating tickets or free tickets for sponsors for giveaways
  • Mention/ logo in Corporate media releases
  • Speaking/presentation opportunities
  • Giveaway/product sampling at events

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