Your Chamber

Shaping the Future of the Region

Collaborate, Promote and Advocate​

Located in the beautiful South West, the Dunsborough Yallingup Chamber of Commerce provides a forum for local businesses in our community to network on a regular basis.

With a membership of over 160 businesses and growing, the chamber also represents its members by maintaining and developing its relationships with a growing list of stakeholders including various stages and levels of federal, state, local and semi-government bodies and agencies, business leaders, community organizations, media, businesses in the broader area along with other chambers of commerce, to mention several.

The DYCCI is one of the most valuable stakeholder groups in the region. We are focused on building business, representing our member’s interests and providing valuable information amongst our growing membership.

Our region, situated at the northern part of the Margaret River and Capes region continues to experience a wonderful combination of economic prosperity and social success as it solidifies itself as a desirable place to live, work & play.

Our Core Values & Commitment to our Members

We are committed to the following Core Values and will mirror these values in our words and actions:

As a Chamber, we:

  • Value our Members and will always act in their best interest
  • Believe in Sustainability & Prosperity
  • Recognise our Heritage & Region
  • Are Transparent & Independent
  • Adhere to Ethical Standards
  • Empower & Encourage
  • Are Visionary

 Mission Statement

“Collaborate, Promote and Advocate”

We believe our Mission as a chamber is to Collaborate, Promote and Advocate on behalf of our members and Stakeholders. This Mission defines the overall core purpose of our Chamber, reflects our motivation for engaging in the Chamber’s work and inspires us to do our best.

 Our Vision

To enable us to achieve our Mission as a Chamber, we are committed to the following Vision and Overarching Goal to be achieved over the next 5 years:

“Be a Recognised and Respected Advocate for Businesses in Collaboration with Strategic Partners in our Region”

Our Key Objectives

Our Chamber is committed to achieving the following objectives as part of its overall Vision:

Member Relations

  • Communicate to, Consult with & Educate our Members
  • Represent our Members’ Interests
  • Recognise & Reward our Members
  • Engage & involve our Members in Chamber & Regional business
  • Be Available & Accessible to our members

Chamber Operations

  • Form Strong Strategic Partnerships
  • Raise the Chamber profile
  • Achieve Results
  • Implement good Internal Governance

Research & Alliances

  • Learn and Collaborate with our Strategic Partners & Alliances
  • Keep the Chamber executive informed

Our Chamber Structure

To achieve our overall vision, our Chamber has been structured into functional areas that will work together to achieve the Chamber Vision: