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Gold Sponsorship
$5,000 / Year
DYCCI Gold Sponsor
Naming sponsor of 1 Event
Four Newsletter promotions
2 presentation/Promotion opportunities at Events
6 Social media posts (2 x Facebook/2 x Instagram/2 Instagram and FB Stories)
4 Complimentary tickets to our Christmas event
Complimentary Enterprise Membership
Silver Sponsorship
$2,000 / Year
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Two Newsletter Promotions
2 Social Media posts (1 FB, 1 Instagram, 1 Insta Story) 1
Event speaking opportunity/Promotion
2 Complimentary Tickets to Christmas Event
Complimentary Enterprise Membership
Bronze Sponsor
$500 / Year
DYCCI Gold Sponsor
1 Newsletter Promotion
1 Social media post (FB or Instagram or Instagram Story)
Complimentary Corporate Membership