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Down South Marketing & Business Support



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Greg Milner



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Hi, I’m Greg Milner, and if you’re a business owner like me, you’ll probably find my story interesting.
After a 20 year career in television production, I left a highly-paid job to become a ‘consultant’. I set up an office at home, made sure I had a nice desk and comfy chairs for visiting clients, and waited for the phone to ring. And waited. And waited.
The phone remained stubbornly silent. Rapidly, I was going broke. I knew I was ‘good at what I did’ – but I had no idea how to market my services. I had to do something, fast. So I began studying the work of some of the world’s greatest marketers, like Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Gary Halbert and more. I was hooked.
With my new-found knowledge, the work soon started coming in; copywriting jobs and consulting work for accounting firms, engineers, manufacturers, medical professionals and a dozen other types of small to medium businesses. But I was still missing something – a narrow but deep and rich ‘niche’ market that I could mine for years to come.
My partner at the time was the owner of a small beauty salon. She asked me to help with her marketing. I wrote some ads for her, and overnight, her business took off. In late 2003, I sat down and wrote a marketing ‘toolkit’ for hair & beauty salons. Over the next few years, that toolkit brought in more than 10 million dollars in sales, in Australia and overseas.
Growing at 48% a year, my business was a finalist in Business Review Weekly magazine’s Fast 100 list, and a finalist in the WA Export Awards.
As technology advanced, my team became experts at designing and building websites and digital marketing systems, online advertising and sales funnels, both for our own business and for our clients.
Today, thanks to technology, I can live with my wife Michelle in the beautiful south west resort town of Dunsborough, showing other business owners how to streamline their own marketing to find more clients, get them buying more often, and turn ordinary businesses into extraordinary businesses.