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The Council of the City of Busselton consists of nine elected members elected by the whole District. This includes the Mayor of the City, who is elected by the Councillors from amongst themselves. Councillors are responsible for representing the interests of the residents of the district, providing leadership and guidance to the community, facilitating communication and participating in decision-making. The Council’s employee, the Chief Executive Officer, supported by the rest of his staff, is responsible for the day to day operations of the organisation, advising the Council, causing Council decisions to be implemented, liaising with the Mayor, speaking on behalf of the local government and is also responsible for the employment and management of all other employees. The Council performs its role utilising a broad range of Committees and other working groups which advise the Council to enable informed decision-making to occur. This ensures a broad range of advice, information and opinions are accessible to the Councillors when they convene as a Council to make decisions on behalf of the district.


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City of Busselton


Not for profit/Community

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Naomi Searle



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