How to Advertise on Facebook

If you’re not a geek, navigating the ‘back-end’ of Facebook’s advertising portal is enough to have you tearing your own hair out. 

Worse, Facebook keeps changing things, just as you get used to it. And you can spend frustrating hours just trying to work out what the heck they’ve done!

So many small business owners throw their hands in the air and give up. Or worse, just throw money at it, hoping some of it sticks.

Posts on your business page are now being shown to fewer people. Unless you boost them.

But how to do that effectively and efficiently, to ONLY the right target market, can be confusing. In this video, Worldwide Salon Marketing social media specialist Samantha Buckley walks you through exactly what to do to make every dollar you spend count.

It’s one thing boosting a post to as many people as you can. 

BUT it’s better to boost a post to people who are more likely to respond. 

And those people tend to be people like your clients, their friends, family and people with similar interests. 

How to do that? In the second video, Sam reveals how to import your own list of clients into Facebook…

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