Member Benefits

Join the Dunsborough and Yallingup local business community and benefit from DYCCI’s focus on providing opportunities for you to promote, network, collaborate and advocate for your business and the community as a whole.

Other Benefits include:


  • Various marketing and promotional activities on behalf of our members, including campaigns and promotions which encourage and support local business
  • Members ‘special offers’ included in our newsletter
  • Social Media posts on behalf of our members
  • Opportunity for representation at our events whether as speakers, sponsors or being part of mingle markets
  • Free Business Directory listing on our website 


  • Attend popular events on the business calendar at a discounted cost
  • Opportunity to meet fellow local business people and entrepreneurs and learn, form business relationships, share information, and find potential partners for ventures and collaborations
  • A way to build brand awareness and loyalty amongst DYCCI members and through that to the broader community


  • DYCCI are one of the City’s key stakeholder groups
  • We provide representation on behalf of the local business community on a variety of issues and concerns by bringing businesses together, surveying opinion or making submissions to local and state governments and other relevant groups
  • DYCCI encourage and promote economic development and the vibrancy of the local business community

Education & Information

  • Members receive a one hour session with one of our Committee member experts
  • DYCCI provides the latest up to date information on issues, events and developments happening in the region that are relevant to the local business community
  • Newsletters, website, and social media posts which include business promotions, news, and events
  • We bring together information on programs, workshops and grants that may be of interest to your business to save you the time in searching for them
  • DYCCI is fostering partnerships with other local organisations and advisors who can provide assistance and information for our member businesses

Social and Educational Events

  • Various events with interesting and inspiring guest speakers, at local venues and in partnership with our members
  • Women in Business network and quarterly events
  • Workshop series on topics relevant to local businesses such as digital technology and finance
  • Partnership with providers of useful resources and seminars on topics such as workplace relations
  • Support of local Business Awards

Access to CCIWA resources

  • DYCCI membership also provides our members with a CCIWA membership
  • Free Business advice including an employee and workplace relations hotline
  • HR, health and safety, legal advice and support, useful webinars and tools, advocacy
  • Discount on attendance at workshops and events
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