Meet the Executive Committee

Our Chamber executive are a group of local business owners and executives that dedicate their time to the Chamber mission, vision and objectives. They meet monthly and are involved in projects and tasks on an ongoing basis that that reflect the actions/tasks set out in the Strategic Plan. Please Meet:


President – Francine McDonald

Hi, my name is Francine, Mum, to a few and Glamma to a couple and growing. But Fran to most.

I am a passionate and energetic happy person with an ambition to be the best I can be, which is a continual journey.

In my current role as Operations Manager for South West Coach Lines, I have lifted and improved the culture and level of customer service, equipment and other assets.

I have also maintained a high level of commitment and communication in regards to relationships with current stakeholders, as well as being able to develop new clients.

I am a detail-oriented person, who is a responsible communicator with an emphasises emotional intelligence and I can think collaboratively, independently as well as outside of the box.

I use good judgment and thrive on understanding customer demands with planning how to meet those deadlines which generates into sales for the company as a result.

I have Owned and Managed and Overseen, a portfolio of small businesses and have dealt with all aspects of campaigning ensuring sales targets are achieved. I bring a positive attitude and possess a friendly personality with an intuitive understanding of people, which makes me a great team player. 

I look forward to encouraging all people that I meet to be the best they can be.


Vice President - Andrew Bromley

Andrew is a multi-award winning mortgage adviser who is both personable and

professional. Andrew can assist with all lending needs, from home loans and personal loans to

asset finance, short term business lending and commercial lending.


Outside of work, Andrew enjoys surfing, playing golf and spending time with his Wife and 3 kids.

He is also passionate about footy and is currently the President of the Dunsborough Ducks Masters Football club.


Treasurer - Simona Hughes

Financial Utilities is a specialist accounting and business advisory firm that is passionate about helping Australian Businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve business and personal wealth.

We are not your average accountants! You may have heard that a lot but our senior team is made up of finance professionals that worked in senior management positions in some of the largest companies in the world.

Not only do we have REAL BUSINESS WORLD EXPERIENCE, we are passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve business and personal wealth.

Executive Member - Caroline Portelli

Caroline is a passionate volunteer and is always looking to help with community and charity organisations.

Caroline is the local Area Manager for WFI in her role she takes the time to understand you and can help people by protecting their possessions and businesses.  She has been part of the insurance industry for over 20 years, her knowledge as well as commitment to providing a friendly, personalised service, is second to none.

Being a board member for the DYCC, is an extension to Caroline’s passion for helping others and sharing her knowledge. 



Executive Member – Joyce Odom

Joyce’s varied career has spanned many industries across four continents.  She has worked in non-governmental organisations, the travel industry, international development, American overseas Chambers of Commerce, tertiary education, food & beverage/hospitality and most recently in the real estate industry in her nearly five years living in Yallingup, Western Australia.

Joyce’s roles have been in business development, marketing, outreach and social policy design in capacities as both employee and entrepreneur/business founder.   She understands people and what motivates them.

Joyce is passionate about community participation, involvement and development; and has brought her experience & dedication to many community organisations while living in the US, The Netherlands, Brazil, the UK, Indonesia, East Timor and Singapore.



Executive Member - Glen Alexander

Glen has lived and worked in the southwest since 2006 and still revels in the excitement of being ‘down south’, as well as working as an Environmental Scientist.  As a Geologist he is easily distracted and can happily spend his day ruminating over rock types, soil colour or discussing groundwater flow direction, however, as co-owner of a Dunsborough based Environmental Consulting company, Glen more often has to focus on meeting client needs and providing cost efficient services.

Glen completed his MBA in 2002 and has worked across several industries for small, medium and multi-national companies.  These experiences have provided him a good understanding of the challenges that small regional firms face, and also the advantages of local knowledge and a big horizon view.  Glen is keen to ensure that local governments and State and Federal agencies live up to their local procurement policies and hopes to proactively contribute to the local social, business and economic well-being, through involvement with the DYCCI.


Immediate Past President – Pauline Vukelic

Pauline is committed to community capacity building through leadership, mentoring and positive encouragement for leadership development in community organisations.

She is a director of the Vukelic group of  companies with commercial property investments across this region. She has extensive experience as a board and committee member, and leader in the not-for-profit sector, in the fields of higher education,  health, medical research, women’s interests, the arts, tourism, Chambers of Commerce and Industries and sister city relationships.

Pauline is committed to the development of sound governance, financial  and organisational management of the DYCCI , through the implementation of a newly formulated strategic plan, cooperative and  collaborative partnerships and engagement with our local business community.